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Quality care, because I am worth it 

Magnetism   and Rebotting 

Wat Po (traditional Thai) and Sports Massages

Sonotherapy  and Vibrodigipuncture 

Energetic-vibratory Osteopathy OEV®

Our basic prices

20% off your first session with us

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30 min

80 CHF

60 min

120 CHF

90 min

150 CHF

120 min

180 CHF

Care and well-being

For the space of a short time…

we take care of you and immerse you in a world of marvelous well-being.

By treating your body, we soothe your Spirit, so your Soul (and your Mind) will find its balance.

« The Spirit is the shining bright Light directly emanating from the Universal Principle, and the Soul is its reflection manifested through the mind in our body ».

Excerpt from the book Liber Metaphysica – Aperçus sur la Métaphysique dans le monde moderne of Shen Long. Visit site here


Our products are organic and some are homemade


We probably will be ASCA accredited in 2022